Vehicle Registration Services



Pay the appropriate vehicle registration renewal fee. Pass a vehicle inspection or smog check. Get your registration and new tags here in the office.

Title Transfers

California procedure for transferring a vehicle title when buying, selling, inheriting, or donating a car. Get your new registration here and title will be mailed to you within 15-20 business days.

Duplicate Registration, Title, or Sticker

Replace your lost or stolen registration card, title, sticker, and also plates.

Out of State Registration & Plates

Transferring registration from another state to California. Vehicle must pass a smog test in California to get your new registration, tags, and plates.


PNO means that the vehicle will not be driven, towed, stored, or parked on public roads or highways for the entire registration year. If the registered owner decides to file a PNO on the vehicle, he/she must do so on or before the vehicle's registration expiration date. 

One Day Permits

A one day moving permit is valid for one day and issued to allow movement of vehicle.